Welcome to Anemomylos!

In an idyllic corner of beautiful Skyros we combined the past with the present to create a relaxing and delight space! A renovated windmill of the area houses the Cocktail Bar Anemomylos, a place with excellent aesthetics and lounge mood will enchant you from the morning until late at night! At Anemomylos you will enjoy all kinds of coffee made from unique varieties to enjoy the sea and the unique beauty, you will taste carefully selected dishes that our chef creates for you, you will cool down with inspired salads and our ice cream until you come Night! Then bathed in sunset colors, the king of Anemomilos will appear … cocktails! Unique flavors, great colors and imaginative recipes are the weapons of our unique bartender to entice you,  elevate your mood and give you wonderful summer nights in a magical landscape!

The Windmill is located in a region of Skyros, called Pouria , at the northeast side of the island. The sight of the region is unique with its renovated windmill towering near the ruins of an ancient quarry the famous "stone chippings" which was famous in the Roman era. The quarry takes up a large part of the coast, creating a landscape that will travel visitor's imagination to another era. Next to the quarry is an impressive small church of Ag. Nikolaos, which is carved into the rock and is one of the most photographed sights.

We strongly recommend you to visit this area during the afternoon to enjoy the colors of the sky at sunset.

Opposite, there are the Vrikolakonisia, which took their name from the abandonment of patients infected with plague 200 years ago when the island was affected by it.

Nearby beaches: Girismata, Molos, Vina

The Cocktail Bar Windmill awaits you every day from 9:00 to 3:00 at night (or until the party ends...)

Our menu includes daily special dishes and a unique recipe every day. Also several delicious pasta and chicken dishes, refreshing salads and hearty snacks, colorful salads and desserts will be your little culinary sin! 

Through the day you can enjoy a coffee with your choice of several flavors and unique varieties.

For the afternoon and evening the professional bartender of Anemomilos will prepare for you stunning cocktails for every taste and musical choices of our unique dj ... the party starts under the moonlight!

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